Bored as F**K™

The "Greatest" Bored Game
Bored as F**K™

The "Greatest" Bored Game

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ABOUT THE GAME: Challenge your friends to the ultimate party game that features hilarious tasks that will have them drunk laughing before they get halfway through! Looking for the best drinking board game to help loosen people up, get them laughing, and is sure to get more than a few people smashed?

Nothing is more fun and interactive than The Greatest BORED Game on Earth Designed with multiple mini challenges that can be played with one 20-sided die, shot glasses, and some cold beers this "Bored" game can be played with small friend groups or large sorority or fraternity houses. 

Fast, furious, and sure to see who has the iron liver amongst your friends, every challenge has a new goal and creates a new opportunity to see what your made of.

  • Perfect for 3+ players
  • Includes card game board
  • Includes one 20-sided die
  • Includes instructions

5% of all net proceeds from your purchase will be donated to Feeding America to help combat COVID-19 and support communities.