Bored as F**K™

What You Need To Know Before You Buy

Pre-Order and Sign Up to Become a Game Tester

We’re so excited to bring you our new and innovative "Bored" games. There guaranteed to make you laugh, help you let go of that quarantine stress, and give you something to do with friends and family both in person and over Zoom!

That’s why we’re taking preorders to begin two different phases—and you can get involved starting in May!

Become an Early Adopter

In May, we’ll be launching our Phase 1 test-and-play for select people who preorder the game and follow us on Instagram! This will include regular game nights with new friends from all over, which can help you find some levity and have fun; especially if you’re stuck in doors.

Simply preorder, follow us on Instagram, and let us know if you’d like to be part of our active community. We’re always looking for outgoing people who want to have a good time and are tired of being “Bored as F*ck”!

This is the perfect opportunity to come together we people from all walks of life, have some laughs, make new friends, and truly build a strong community who sticks together when the boredom sets in. 

Official Launch (Summer 2020)

Our goal is to officially launch in late-June, early-July to really help kick off the summer with a bit of much-needed post-Rona fun (we’re crossing our fingers, just like you). 

We’d like to continue getting people together for game nights, building that strong community, and having a great time no matter what the times bring. If you’re ready to join a community who loves “bored” games, want to be part of a growing movement, or simply want to find a way to make each day more fun and engaging, it’s time to get “Bored as F*ck” with us!

Sign up now and be ready for the future of “bored” gaming.