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Send us your own CHALLENGES through this online form. We will be adding new game boards regularly! Follow us on Instagram for a chance to win one of our new upcoming card games. Submit as many challenges as you like. Once we receive your challenge, they are moderated first then quickly added to our site. If any errors occur during the submission be assured, we would correct them before adding to the site. No personal information is collected during submission so be as provocative (or as boring) as you want.

We will try to add new challenges to our database daily so if your challenge already exists in our database you can check this by typing in the search bar to the right if using a desktop (or at the bottom if on a mobile device).

We thank you for this extra effort. If you have any questions regarding challenge submissions or any other site related queries use our contact us page to submit those.

This is NOT our contact us form, please use the appropriate form for the appropriate submissions. That way the correct team receives the appropriate submission and can deal with the issue or issues quicker.

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